2010 In Review: Co-Editor Brit Weaver’s Picks, Guidelines, & 2011 Travel Predictions

Our 2nd installment of “The Expeditioner’s 2010 In Review” series comes from co-editor Brit Weaver. She’s preparing a return journey back to South America, and she’s offering up some imagined on the 12 months previous and predictions for the yr to come:

Your Travel in 2010?

My travel in 2010 consisted of Buenos Aires, Patagonia, Uruguay, and New York City. For the approaching 12 months, I’m attempting to make my way back to B.A. I fell in love with the people today, the architecture and the encounter-sized steaks, and I cannot wait to get back. Whilst there I hope to check out the Mendoza area and Montevideo, capital of Uruguay: the city on the sea.

Travel Tips from Lessons Learned in 2010?

If I had been to give up a single tip, I would inform people today to travel light. Whether or not it is luggage, in your walk, the way you talk or in your heart, a steadfast man or woman is not as open to the flow of factors. I discovered that dwelling is wherever my heart is and it beats in my chest.

Predictions for Travel in 2011?

Predictions? That is constantly a tough one particular, but right here it goes. I believe Rio de Janeiro is going to have to wait for the Globe Cup to arrive to seriously get off, but I predict that the rest of Latin America (which is far less costly to travel in) and Italy are going to boom (extra so than previously).

Travelers are turning into additional adventurous with their selections for places to travel in South America as extra vacationers pay a visit to. And there looks to a movement in direction of romance in the globe, and in which much better could you uncover that than in Italy, and primarily in Venice?Plus, given the acceptance of the movie and the book, plenty of individuals are going to want to see the web pages from Consume, Pray and Enjoy.

[photo by GustavoBuriola/Flickr]


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