File Under Reasons I’m Jealous Of Londoners: Weekend Trips To Damascus


Absolutely nothing frustrates me a lot more than when I read through about Londoners discussing simple weekend trips to this kind of destinations as southern Spain, Morocco, or as is the case right here, Damascus. (Why isn’t my my household in New York a number of thousand miles closer to the European continent?)

Though possibly a small tougher to investigate a couple of years in the past, what with the secret police and all, but “since the far more West-leaning Bashar al-Assad came to electrical power, even though, items are shifting fast.”

For some guidelines on what to cram in on your enviable weekend, test out this manual, with solutions which includes the Umayyad Mosque (one of the world’s largest and oldest), and purchasing at the Al-Hamidiyeh souk just before ” tucking into fantastic meze, grilled meats (kebab kharaz, lamb in a sour- cherry sauce, is a speciality) and Lebanese wine (eating places in the Christian quarter all serve alcohol)” at Naranj.


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