Get Travel Insurance for Your Thailand Trip

Heading to Thailand soon? Wondering if you need travel insurance in Thailand? In this post, you’ll understand why you need travel insurance and I’ll be recommending my favorite travel insurance company.

We all heard travel nightmares and crazy things happening abroad – and Thailand is no exception. These nightmares can happen there too. To avoid these nightmares, it is recommended to travel with medical travel insurance. This way, you won’t have to worry about the worst-case scenario and you will get peace of mind.


Do you need travel insurance in Thailand?


The answer is yes. It’s recommended to have medical insurance when traveling to Thailand. It might not be mandatory, but to be on the safe side, you should always travel with travel insurance.

Still unsure if you can afford it or if you should get one? Let’s skip to the part where we imagine worst-case scenarios.


Worst-case scenarios


These are the common mishaps that can happen while in Thailand. You can decide for yourself if travel insurance is necessary. Note that whether I’ve heard some of my friends experiencing these things or if I read them in the news – it does happen. 

For the purpose of entertaining you, these worst-case scenarios are pushed a bit far – note that you’ve been warned. Ha!


Scooter crash


You decide to rent a scooter in Thailand and you aren’t afraid because you are an experienced driver. As you’re slowing down at the traffic light, your friend (the beginner driver) hits you and there you are – flying over your scooter. 


Zip-lining accident


Have you heard of the fatal accidents that happened at the famous Gibbon experience? To be clear – the Gibbon experience is in Laos – but still, these things can happen when the adventure activities aren’t well maintained.


Trekking accident


Did you decide to go climb that famous waterfall not too far from Chiang Mai? Climbing a waterfall sounds epic… but what if the climb comes with a fall? Add a few leeches in there – you might not die, but it might not be that fun.


Food poisoning


Ever heard of the phenomenon called the Thai Tummy? So, as you are walking around the street market, you decide to grab a chicken satay when… you first get cramps, the fever hits you and there you are running for that first toilet.  Food poisoning in Thailand is a pretty common thing – at some point, it could definitely hit you.




You decide to go for a snorkeling trip around the Thai Islands – because you read my blog post about Koh Lanta. As you jump into the water, you come face to face with a big jellyfish. It’s too late, you got stung already.


Dengue Fever


After driving to Pai, you finally have to relax in one of the most chill towns in Thailand. You sit down while enjoying the rice field views. Damn. This mosquito just bit you during the day. You should have used mosquito spray. Let’s hope, this tiny monster wasn’t carrying Dengue. Oops. Unless it did.


Best-case scenario


Now, this is the part where I reassure you. You might wonder if it’s a good idea to head to Thailand, and yes – I’m telling you – Thailand is one of my favorite countries. That said, it’s probably too late to cancel this flight of yours (unless, you actually had travel insurance, ha).

No kidding – Thailand is a beautiful country – and you should go. With all these scenarios in mind, you should know by now that it’s safer to travel with medical insurance.

You might not use it – but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


When should you buy travel insurance?


Usually, it’s recommended to buy travel insurance before you leave. Although, some insurance companies allow you to buy it when you’re abroad.

SafetyWing is one of them. Keep reading to learn more about this company.




SafetyWing offers travel medical insurance for people all over the world. It’s one of the most affordable insurances out there – with plans that start at $40 for 4 weeks. You can see the prices here.

SafetyWing is a good option especially for digital nomads or long-term travelers. You can read this comparison for long-term travel insurance here. 


What’s included?


Medical insurance


They cover you if you’re sick or if you are in an accident outside your home country. Of course, you have to respect the conditions and the exclusions to be able to claim your insurance.


Travel insurance


You are also covered for travel delay, lost checked luggage, natural disasters, emergency response and personal liability.






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☑ Book your flight: If your flight isn’t booked yet – check out the flights on Skyscanner or via Google Flights. My top saving tip is flexibility. If you’re flexible, you should be able to find a cheaper flight.

☑ Book your accommodation: I always use Airbnb and If you’d rather stay in a hostel, you should take a look at the options on Hostelworld. If you click on the Airbnb link and you don’t have an account yet – you’ll get a $30 discount on your first booking.

☑ Pack the essentials: You can consult this list when it’s time to pack your bag! Do not leave without a universal charger, a power bank and your passport!

☑  Do you need a visa? If you aren’t sure if you need a visa, it would be a smart idea to take a quick look before you go. You can use iVisa – it’s super useful and easy to use.



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