When In South Africa, Go To Mozambique

It is a horrible analogy, but right here it goes. Mozambique is to South Africa as Mexico is to the U.S.: Respites away from the home country in which the currency goes more, the beaches go much less visited, and the likelihood to get far away from it all is genuinely not that far away at all.

This week the FT travels to Mozambique in an hard work to highlight the points of interest that Globe Cup goers can appear forward to — in particular with time to spare the moment their workforce is eradicated — when heading out of South Africa. As they stage out, the ‘Bique (no one particular calls the nation that by the way, but when they do, bear in mind you heard it here first) is only a quick plane trip or a couple of-hour auto journey from most of the greater cities in South Africa.

In truth, from private practical experience, a road trip is hugely encouraged. Heading south from the city of Nelspruit (the common gateway to Kruger Nationwide Park), you can drive even though the wooded highlands of Eastern South Africa, through scenic Swaziland, and be in the capital city of Maputo all in a day’s drive. From there, nicely, South Africa will most likely be a distant memory, as nicely as your team’s reduction.


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