15 Luxury Travel Hot Spots to Visit in the Year Ahead

travel hot spots: portofino buildings and water
Italy took three categories in this year’s Luxe Report: international destination, family destination and honeymoon

Where are the luxury travel hot spots for the coming year?

Virtuoso has the answers with the latest Luxe Report. Published each year, the report polls its expert travel advisors around the world on where their clients plan to roam in the year to come.

Some of the travel hot spots that ranked highly this year are traditional favorites. And some are newly emerging preferences. Discover the 15 destinations that everybody’s buzzing about for next year:


An eternal favorite, it topped three Luxe Report lists. It’s the most popular destination for international travel, honeymoons and family trips.


This year’s top pick for emerging destination was a dominant choice, likely the result of warming relations between the U.S. and the island nation.

South Africa

The most popular adventure travel destination was also #3 on the international destinations list. It’s also coming on strong as a family travel destination.


The appeal of the island is so magical that it finished strongly in two categories. Maui is #2 for U.S. destinations and honeymoons. Overall, Hawaii finished in the top 5 for family travel destinations.

travel hot spots: ancient pyramid in Mexico
Mexico rated strongly as a international and family destination as well as a honeymoon location


Another strong destination each year in several Luxe Report categories. This year Mexico was #3 for family travel, and finished in the top 5 for both international destinations and honeymoons.


Always a top choice, it finished second for international destinations. France is also popular for honeymooners and traveling families.

Costa Rica

Adventure is a hot trend among luxury travelers, and this Central America country is their #2 pick for an active destination. Costa Rica also scores highly as an international and family destination.


Luxury travelers love the allure of remote places, so the continent cracked the top 5 emerging destinations list. It’s also popular for adventure travel and a cruise itinerary.


Another chilly, remote destination scores as the #2 emerging destination. It’s also popular for adventure travel.

Galapagos Islands

Its diverse flora and fauna make the islands the #3 destination for adventure travel. The broad allure of the Galapagos placed it highly as well on lists of emerging destinations, family destinations and cruise itineraries.

travel hot spot: alaska glacier and water
Alaska is popular with cruisers and adventure seekers, as well as being a top U.S. destination


Always a top cruise destination, the state finishes third on that list. It’s also strong in the U.S. destination and adventure travel rankings.


In the top 5 adventure destinations, the country is also seen as an emerging destination and popular among international travelers.


The continent Down Under takes a spot in the top five international destinations list. It’s also popular with adventure-seekers.

New Zealand

This year’s #4 adventure destination, the country also scores highly for international travel.


In the top 5 for family travel, it’s also a timeless favorite for international trips.

Luxe Report Photo Gallery

For a breakdown of the top five travel hot spots in specific Luxe Report categories, view the photo gallery:

Booking Your Trip to This Year’s Travel Hot Spots

Now’s the time to plan your travel for the coming year. Do you have a professional travel advisor who can be your partner in this? If not, find an expert knowledgeable about these travel hot spots and more at virtuoso.com.


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