Chinese girl sleeps naked on wire bed

Chinese female artist in Beijing to sleep nude in public for 36 days

How did you sleep last night? Was that hostel bed a tad springy, or did you wake up with a stiff neck from sleeping in a funny position? Well, just look at it this way, at least you’re not sleeping on a bed of steel wires. Literally.

Zhou Jie, a female artist, is attempting to sleep on a bed made out of metal wires for 36 days…completely naked. We’re just going to let that sink in, or you know, uncomfortably dig in. Zhuo will be sleeping (and generally living her normal life) on the wire bed in an art exhibiton named '36 Days', at Beijing's Art Now Gallery from August 9th – September 13th.  That's one way to get a steel, sorry, feel for it.

Zhuo Jie taking a nude nap

According to the Oriental Daily, Zhuo didn’t intend her ‘art’ to be portrayed as a publicity stunt; she just wanted to show the powerful relationship between nude sleeping and the bed.

It's definitely one way to spend the summer, let's at least hope she can pass the time with a good box set…you know, like The Wire. No…?


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