Seven Days to Change at Canyon Ranch

The best travel transforms. Canyon Ranch Tucson takes that notion to a whole new level. Of course, there is all the well-appointed luxury you want on a holiday: tasteful Southwestern-style art and architecture, organic whole foods prepared to your exact specifications, high desert vistas, a holistic spa, and an attentive staff. But in addition to all that, the Canyon Ranch Life Enhancement Center (LEC) offers customized programs that inspire internal journeys. As Virtuoso agency owner Damian McCabe says, “Canyon Ranch is a place that lets me focus just on me. No outside distractions.”

Whether you want to boost your brain power, reflect on the profound, or simply recalibrate to a healthier lifestyle, this institute of positivity and hope provides myriad paths to achieve your best result. Immerse yourself in a weeklong personal journey where vacation takes on new meaning, longings are actualized, and dreams lead to renewal – all amid iconic saguaro cacti, wide-open skies, and the Santa Catalina Mountains in the distance. Travel to your better self with these seven steps.

Day 1: Make a plan.

“The entire staff at Canyon Ranch has a story as to how they got here and why they dedicate their professional careers to helping others,” says Virtuoso agency owner Michael Holtz. “Through their eyes, I was allowed to learn more about myself, and to live a healthier and richer life. My trip to Canyon Ranch was invaluable.” Holtz recommends sitting in on a lecture with Terry Horton, LEC life coach. She’ll rouse you to lean in to your challenges, cheer you on to the finish line, and give you pointers about subjects that run the gamut from diet and exercise to spiritual change. Under her – and the entire staff’s – tutelage, you’ll make a blueprint to embrace the best vision for the rest of your life.

Day 2: Be like water.

Actor and martial arts great Bruce Lee famously described wisdom as coming to those who could empty their minds and be like water. That could be the message of a Canyon Ranch Watsu session. A form of aquatic massage, Watsu takes place in a chest-high pool of water, where the therapist takes the client through a deeply meditative, floaty dance meant to open the energy pathways and encourage deep relaxation. Said to address stress, chronic back pain, sleep disorders, sorrow, and more, Watsu aims to create a trance-like state, effective for all levels of well-being.

Water plays a central role in treatments and meditation at Canyon Ranch. / Featured image: Canyon Ranch Tucson offers an inspiring and tranquil setting for transformation.

Day 3: Tap into the universal om.

The ancients long recognized a certain buzz could be heard throughout the universe. Essentially, the same vibration as the om chant heard in a yoga class, this frequency is believed to ground and rebalance those who hear it. At Canyon Ranch, harmonize your being with a Crystal Sound Activation session. Gemstone-infused Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, placed directly on the body, send healing frequencies deep within. Expect a finale of centered peacefulness that grounds and replenishes.

Day 4: Restore thyself.

Energy healing, a practice studied for thousands of years, activates the body’s energy channels (called chi by the Chinese or prana in Hindi) to unblock negativity. This allows the body to rejuvenate. The Canyon Ranch Soul Journey uses music, breath, and imagery to create a sacred atmosphere. Participants report a lighter feeling, including profound moments of insight.

Day 5: Go the extra mile.

Cycling provides a slew of physical benefits, from strength endurance to aerobics to decreasing body fat. It also frequently results in an endorphin high, that little gift that comes when you work the body hard. But what if a bike ride could also soothe your soul? During your week of transformation, join a Spiritual Cycling class and cruise into exercise and coach-induced mindfulness. It’s like yoga on wheels. Music, lighting, and affirmation set a mood of gratitude.

If you’re seeking change, you’ll find like-minded travelers at the Canyon Ranch Life Enhancement Center.

Day 6: Dive into the Blue.

In his book Blue Mind, marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols shows that our global compulsion to be near water is more than a physical need to quench thirst or keep clean. To boost his theory, he presents evidence that being near, in, or floating atop water produces striking neurological benefits. Our blood pressure lowers, anxiety dissipates, we sleep more deeply, and depression abates. No wonder the Canyon Ranch Sacred Meditation in the Water is a portal to mindfulness. In this experience, guests float in a warm pool while a guide leads them in a calming meditation.

Day 7: Discover data-driven self-improvement.

During a Dexa Body Composition consultation, a physician, a nutritionist, and an exercise physiologist come together to interpret various test results, including DNA, to give you sound advice on how to live your life for the best version of you. Virtuoso travel advisor Addie Bell was impressed by the testing. A runner, she came away with an empowering new sense of the diet her body craved. “I have Canyon Ranch to thank for truly changing the way I view food and what it can do for my body,” she says.

This article is sponsored by Canyon Ranch. All photos courtesy of Canyon Ranch.


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