Want to have better sex? Travel more

Want to have better sex? Travel more

Couples who travel together have better sex lives

Ever wanted to know how to have better sex? Travel.
It has long been known that getting laid on your gap year is a fun thing to do. Now it has been proven to be a good thing to do too.
A new survey in the USA found that couples who travel together have better sexual relationships than those who don’t (this is something that we all could have predicted).
Almost two-thirds of couples surveyed by the U.S. Travel Association found that travelling is more likely to spark romance in their relationship than a gift (of course, travelling and giving a gift produces the best sex life ever).
More than three-quarters – 77% – of those who travel as couples reported that they have a good sex life. This is in comparison to 63% of couples who said they do not travel as a pair. And 28% of the couples say their sex life has actually improved after travelling with each other.
“Couples who take time to holiday alone together at least once each year report happier, healthier relationships overall compared to those who do not travel as couples,” said Pam Loeb, principal of Edge Research, who conducted the survey.
What does this mean? Travel in a couple on your gap year and have a better sex life.
Do you think you have better sex when travelling in a couple? Let us know by posting your comments below.


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