Banana Shampoo

Ubud, Indonesia

I am currently sitting in Boston after an amazing ten days of travelling through America on this road trip. Aaron and I (we met in Thailand in April and have been travelling together basically since then) have camped in Kansas, watched far too much reality TV in Kentucky, spent a wonderful four days in Pittsburgh with some of his family, and just had a great weekend on Cape Cod with his mum. Now we have a few more days in Boston before heading to Nantucket; after that, we still have Quebec City, Montreal, and Toronto to visit before heading over to my hometown.

Perhaps the greatest gift a traveller can receive is to find a travel partner so matched, so aligned, so in tune to the things you like doing and to the places you want to go. I never would have thought that a chance encounter in a jungle in Thailand would lead to such adventures, whether that adventure includes biting monkeys in Indonesia or campfires in Kansas.

While we were travelling through Asia together, I would often turn to Aaron and say, “We are so lucky.” Five months, six countries and seventeen states after we met, I can still turn to him and say that. I love thinking of the travels we’ve already had and the possible travels we have in the future – when two people with such wanderlust get together, there’s no telling where we’ll go next.


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