Marriage and the Future of Family Travel


Almost exactly one month ago, I walked down the aisle and forever vowed loyalty, adventure and love to my spouse. We’ve been lucky enough to travel to several countries together throughout our six year relationship. Right now as I blog this, we’re returning from a little mini-moon in Nova Scotia from Boston – it’s been a blast!

marriage and family travel


He’s been so wonderful when it comes to my ongoing wanderlust. Sometimes I’ll be called to a trip for work with a week’s notice, and he simply wishes me a safe flight with a smile. Other times I get to bring him along – he seems to get a little more excited about those opportunities.

One of the most memorable getaways we took was with his whole family. I grew up just with a brother and my parents nearby for family – he has at least nine in his immediate clan, not to mention seemingly dozens more. Last summer we were able to go to Sanibel Island in Florida with many of them, including my husband’s ten-year old brother.

family travel

The way he experienced everything made the vacation all the better. Eyes wide, he’d squeal when the dolphins jumped by the boat on the way to Cabbage Key, or devour the ribs at Doc Ford’s restaurant with a look of pure satisfaction. Beach time was not just for sunbathing, but for sandcastle building and hunting for seashells. It’s a different kind of journey, obviously, then the mysterious street markets, evening libations and death-defying extreme activities I’m used to on other excursions.

I have a confession to make – we don’t have kids yet. So why would I ever agree to start a family travel website with Shauna, who has the greatest five-year old wanderer and a brand new baby?

I want to know how families do it before I jump in head first. Someday we plan to start our own family, and I find those who see the world with their little ones so inspirational. Through interviews, research and real-time experience swaps, it’s already been a wild ride diving head first into the family travel world as much as possible.

selfie and family travel

When I do have a chance to travel with kids, whether it by my husband’s younger family members, fellow journalists who bring along their children or even the families I chat with on my own solo adventures, it makes me excited for the future. I love hearing their stories and integrating tips, recommendations and guidance into my own features.

You can never be fully prepared if kids come along in your life, but I like to think that if and when they do in our new life together, we will be enjoying a world full of wonder, culture, food and family travel fun, abroad and in our backyard.

That’s why I love hearing from you all at Pure Wander, to get the best sense of what it’s like for life on the road with kids. Getting married was one of the most thrilling adventures I’ve had so far, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next.


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